Worldcup final

I didn’t really mind who won, as none of my favorite players were involved. I tended towards Spain because the Barca players have such longstanding friendships, which I think is really cool, and I think it’s very sexy when men can sense what other guys around them are about to do. Go ahead and groan. […]

Song for Bayern-München

This Smokey Robinson and the Miracles song is for those lazy boys who showed that they can play as a team when they stop being d…heads and follow the philosophy of their brilliant trainer: “it’s my philosophy that… If you can want, you can need & if you can need, you can care If you […]

Public viewing

I know that any spectator sport is all about loving and supporting your local team long-term, especially in football (or “soccer”), but I simply can’t get into our local club, 1860.

Into the wind

Sailing is my switch, my release, my heaven. A good day on the water is all I need to get back my wings, to expand my range of vision, to put things back into perspective. It’s marvelous to be suspended between the water and the air, feeling the tug of the updrift and the slap of the waves, reading the sky and the water, deep in conversation with the elements.