Enough, already, Obama!

This past month I have found message after message from the Obama team asking for donations and providing various objects bearing the message of Hope. Gail Collins’ fun “Year-End Quiz” at the New York Times (thanks Joan!) hits the nail on the head in question 8:

Which of the following has Obama for America NOT urged the president-elect’s supporters to do over the last month:
A) “Order your limited edition Obama coffee mug” in time for Christmas.
B) “Make a donation of $25 and get an official Obama winter hat.”
C) “Treat yourself or a loved one to a limited edition four-year calendar.”
D) “Call now for this special Change is Coming Vegetable Peeler and get a Yes We Can Garlic Press at no additional charge.”

Come on, people, enough, already! The guy has been elected. We don’t need any more junk branding the president. Just ask for the money. And remember to tell us what exactly it’s for.

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