img_0342I’ve decided to slow down for balance – and to delay breakfast to mid-morning (for a proper break between dinner and breakfast). I currently have the great luxury of being able to decide when to work and when to take breaks. So these days I’m doing yoga and getting some exercise in the early morning before my first job, and then after that going to the kitchen to fix myself a proper muesli, around ten or eleven. A monster muesli, in fact! Last week the women at my table were too polite to say anything, but they kept staring at my muesli and at me and couldn’t believe I was eating so much. Hey, it’s great, and it gets me through the whole day.

What goes into my muesli? For me it’s rolled oats (Haferflocken), shredded wheat (Weizenflocken), cornflakes (Maisflocken), sunflower and pumpkin seeds, raisins, dried prunes (Pflaumen), figs (Feigen), apricots (Aprikosen) and dates (Datteln), sometimes nuts (but I’ve run out of them – I especially like cashews in muesli), and then fresh fruit, as much as possible: a grated apple, today I had a few strawberries and blueberries (yummy!) … and half a banana. The banana is important because of the magnesium, to keep from getting cramps in my legs when I stretch. But I can’t manage more than half a banana. Storage is a problem with bananas… Add plain yoghurt, some honey in winter (good for a sore throat!), maybe some fruit juice (I put in a shot of apple juice).

For coffee, I’ve switched from latte macchiato or cappucino to espresso and water.

I love reading the paper with breakfast. For some reason the Süddeutsche is still sending us the paper edition, though we’ve changed to electronic, and I’ve been savouring the paper every day – it might be the last one. It’s also a good time to read professional journals, to get ideas for the next job. Mario Rinvolucri has a really nice article in the English Teaching Professional May edition, on “True or False?” activities… so I’ve sorted out my next class over breakfast, too.

How do you do breakfast? (This was an invitation from Isarblick.)

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4 thoughts on “Breakfast”

  1. Hammermüsli (+) = “That muesli is just sooooo awesome!”
    Hammermüsli (-) = “Whaaat?! Are you out of your mind?”

  2. Dolce, I hope, you got a muesli, which is just soooooooo awesmome each day until the end of may 😉

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