Question: What’s your happy day?

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times, but several magazines here in Germany (Spiegel and Focus) have featured “happiness” as their title story. Well, it’s clearly a good thing to think about and discuss. The Beatles sang “Happiness is a warm gun”, with more than a touch of irony. For me, happiness is a wet sailboat, or more specifically, a wet catamaran. Here you see me rigging the “Seebock”, which got its name because it once threw Helmut off and sailed away without him across the lake. Listen to the podcast, and I’ll tell you what exactly it is about sailing that makes me happy.


So : What makes your day happy? Or can you describe a really happy day? Please post your response with a link to this question post, or comment below. If you’re not sure how to start off, read this or get in touch with me by email.

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