5 thoughts on “Google Wave”

  1. It shouldn’t be long now, Anne, if you’ve applied for an invite – I got mine last week, and I must admit, although it’s early days yet, I’m excited with what I’ve seen so far – it could revolutionise online collaboration and can be easily used to support teaching languages online – I need to play a little bit more and then I’ll post something related to this on my blog

  2. Me too me tooo, c’mon Google!! Really, good find Graham, THIS explains Google Wave (or 3.5% of it). Now I get it (or some of it 🙂

  3. I’ll be reading, Graham. Hope it takes off for teaching. Wikis are looking a wee bit old, very confusing to reconstruct collaboration. So I like the process/timeline aspect. Vance, someday soon… 😉

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