Question: What new services do we need?

Last week I was getting a class ready to go to “Seven Days in the Life of Simon Labrosse”, a play being presented by the BeMe Theatre. It’s about a guy who has been unemployed and is trying to break back into the market (and into life, really) by inventing new and intriguing services: “emotional stuntman, ender of sentences, ego flatterer, easer of consciences”. Well, I asked my students to invent services they thought there was a market for and to write job advertisements for them. In this week’s podcast I’ll tell you about their ideas — and I’d love to hear yours! Please add yours in the comments below, or blog about the subject and link this post to your blog.


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2 thoughts on “Question: What new services do we need?”

  1. Thanks, you’re being very charming.
    D’ya know, I have actually been reading for recordings for a few years now. It’s kind of a fluke, and loads of fun. My favorite job was reading Grimms Fairytales. When done properly, readings are positively zen, at least for the reader. This podcasting stuff, on the other hand, is pretty much off the cuff. That’s my husband rummaging in the background.

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