Stephen Fry ogles college football

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Last night, Helmut and I enjoyed a great evening of Oscar Wilde with Alan Stanford. One of the highlights for me was a look back at Wilde’s grand tour of America. Well, his sublimely gifted modern reincarnation, Stephen Fry, filmed his own tour of America for the BBC, and his perspective strikes quite a few chords in me, as well. Especially the way he ogles American college football.

See the great BBC series on YouTube here.


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  1. Hi Anne,

    Yeah, I just heard today from a friend about how great it was, kickin’ myself I am … hadn’t heard a thing about it.
    But now I can remind you about the BeMe production, last round next Saturday night. That same friend said it’s really good.
    Then in November there’s the Entity Theatre workshop: two plays by Anton Chekhov. This group usually does very good stuff.
    CU there, perhaps, Joanxx

  2. Hi Joan,

    No worries. We were too pooped to stay for the dancing.
    I’ve got a class all prepared for the BeMe Theater – this week’s podcast is about that 🙂 Haven’t been to see the Entity Workshop yet. I’ll put the the link on the MELTA website, too.
    What about Giesinger Mordsnacht next Saturday
    Love, Anne, it’s in German, but should be great fun…

  3. Oh, sorry, Anne, I’ve just noticed you’ve already talked about the BeMe production!

    Yes, we’re off on Sat. night so therefore that blocks out your other suggestion, another time and thanks all the same.

  4. ‘Only in America’

    The spectacle of something like this is always something that amazes me about the USA, Anne. I can imagine getting overwhelmed by the sheer occasion of an event like that.

    I was in Waterstones (British bookshop) yesterday and saw the book at goes with the series by Mr Fry. I toyed with buying it then (I ended up getting some word games and a book on street art). I think I’ll have to go back and get Stephen’s book =)

  5. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for trawling 🙂
    It’s amazing, isn’t it? So much enthusiasm! If there was a roof on the house they would definitely raise it! What I really like about the series is the diversity Stephen Fry picks up on. I’d like to get the series myself.

  6. I loved that he travelled around in a black cab, too!!

    I really liked the series – especially the part when he goes to New Mexico. That came to my mind when I read Shelly’s guest post on Ken Wilson’s blog. Such a difficult situation for those people, but they still managed to go through life with a smile and a song.

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