Grammar guru: at/in the age of 42

Last week’s question caused me some worry. Up to the last day visitors to this website were split down the middle:

  • Why did you change jobs? (52%, 11 Votes) = correct
  • Why did you change the job? (48%, 10 Votes) = incorrect

I asked my British colleagues, and they agree with me. More comments.

This week, the question is, what is better, at/in the age of 42?

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5 thoughts on “Grammar guru: at/in the age of 42”

  1. The prepositions in,on,at cause a lot of headaches in Japan too. Mostly because they are all one particle in Japanese. Why can’t it be that easy in English?

  2. If we go by Marianne Faithful’s hit (many moons ago …)
    At the age of 37, she realized she’d never been to Paris in a sportscar with the wind blowing through her hair ….. (or something like that)

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