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The lower case letter “i” was going to be for those high-tech gadgets, games and gizmos that have become part of our iCulture. But I read it’s now inappropriate to use the iPhone.

So what about that good old, no-tech game, I spy? That’s the guessing game where you say “I spy with my little eye something that starts with a…” It’s not the most thrilling game, but, hey, it’s been around since at least 1789 — for 230 years! Beat that, iPhone! Which iGames will we still be playing 230 years from now?


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  1. When loui was young enough to still hold my hand, about 4 or 5, i think, we were walking around the centre of Toulouse and we started to play .
    He offered “I spy something beginning with B”.
    I tried brick, building, bag, baguette,and about ten million other b’s before giving up.
    Bubble gum!
    There -and he pointed at the pavement.
    It was the first time for me to learn about the bubble gum on the pavement problem.
    I had forgotten that a small child observes a different and lower world than an adult.
    So, it was his turn again.
    Something beginning with D.
    French or English? (i hate playing in two languages)
    And you can SEE it?
    Dog, drain, danger sign, dress, dangly earings, dark coloured clothes.
    No, no, no, no, no, no.
    I’m an Aquarian and i don’t give up so this went on for an hour until in desperation i marched him into an alley and stood him in front of a completely blank wall.
    And can you still see it?
    I gave in.

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