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Cologne board us
Cologne board bits

Last week I experimented with glueing paper onto a flipchart. As we progressed they drew pictures and I wrote up cards as props to hold and tell stories or explain concepts. Glueing the cards in place was the last step, defining what they were supposed to take away. Then we flipped back through in sequence at the end to reconstruct what we’d done. This was to reduce the complexity of the overall takeaways, to lower the learning threshold for people who like to have things tightly under control.

So what you see is the result of a process. It’s very different from the process of using a pinboard and moving things around together, even beyond the end of the course: I’ve sometimes given away specific cards to people who wanted or needed that particular card most to take home as a souvenir.

Lots of room for improvement: Their pictures are great, but their writing and drawings should be on the board at all stages. More co-created visuals for the board might give higher priority to the learning process, over the takeaways. Next time I’ll take magazines with pictures along so we can collaborate on some collages to visualize concepts.

PS: I didn’t use the two big sheets of paper I got for the pinboard. I need to develop some really good new backoffice tasks for the participants to do there.


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