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Anna Pires, who seems to share all my tastes in music, got this tip from Dave Tucker: “My students think I rock when I do ‘Over my Shoulder’ in class” she says. Of course! Coming up next in my backoffice skills classes too, to get people moving through that tired patch in the afternoon. Thanks to both of you. (video 1: Paul Carrack)

Looking back over my shoulder
I can see that look in your eyes
I never dreamed it could be over
I never wanted to say goodbye

Looking back over my shoulder
with an aching deep in my heart
I wish we were starting over
oh instead of drifting so far apart

Everybody told me you were leaving
funny I should be the last to know
baby please tell me that I’m dreaming
I just never want to let you go

Looking back over my shoulder
I can see that look in your eyes
turning my heart over and over
I never wanted to say goodbye

I don’t mind everybody laughing
but it’s enough to make a grown man cry
’cause I can feel you slipping through my fingers
I don’t even know the reason why

Every day it’s a losing battle
just to smile and hold my head up high
could it be that we belong together
baby won’t you give me one more try
one more try
Looking back oh over my shoulder
(I can see) see that look in your eyes
(I never dreamed) no that it could be over
but I never wanted to say goodbye

(Looking back) looking back (over my shoulder)
oh with an aching (there’s an ache) feeling inside
(cutting me up) oh deeper and deeper
(fills me with a sadness) I can’t hide (that I can’t hide)

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