Pronunciation practice for geoscientists, 1

  • As she heard the bird, it occurred to her that the word she had heard was “a third”, not “a turd”. (ö)
  • Let me roast my toast, then I’ll head for the coast. (long o)
  • This plot shows the cost of lost lives in a dotted line. (short o)
  • All fall over the clover. (short and long o)
  • It happened so fast, I can’t understand it. (a)
  • Text the taxman
  • Text me the next vexing question.
  • Japan, Berlin (ta DA, ta DA!)
  • analysis paralysis (ta DA da da!)
  • anxiety variety (ta DA da da!)
  • These features seem equal, they exceed the mean speed.  (long ee or “I”)
  • The fissure is a feature. (short i vs. long I, sh vs. tsh)
  • We had the chance to go to Chile (tsh)
  • Rupture zones, seismic zones. (zz vs ss)
  • Mutual use (ju)
  • catalog a frog on a log
  • When Val went to Vienna he visited the valley.
  • Walk one way with me.
  • Very worried, very worried

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  1. I never thought i would wake to see the word, turd, The Island, but i remain happy to walk one way with you.

    Shocked, Tunbridge Wells (royal)

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