A ticket to an exhibition

Dear Bode Museum,

I’d like to place a complaint. You have an exclusive ongoing exhibition, Gesichter der Renaissance/ Faces of the Renaissance, containing all sorts of famous portraits. But vexingly enough, when I tried to get tickets online, your website was down, and I couldn’t get through to you for days. Then, when Helmut and I travelled into town to buy tickets for another day at the ticket counter, the system didn’t recognize the only credit card we had that you accept. To our deep chargrin you wouldn’t take cash for an advance sale. Now, don’t you think that is taking modern commerce just a little too far?

My last line of attack will be to come to your doors, arriving long before the museum opens some cold and rainy morning in late October, and stand in line with the other miserable art freaks,  hoping you will still have a day pass left with a random exhibition entrance slot. I understand same-day passes can still be had for cash … unless you have sold the last ones to the people standing in line in front of me.

Exhibit A: Here are some of the videos you have used for publicity that have turned your tickets into merciless, evil, obscure objects of desire. J’accuse!

Anne Hodgson

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Trainer/ coach from Washington, D.C. based in Berlin. Enthusiastic gardener, sailor, reader.

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  1. PS: Dear Bode Museum,

    In the meantime I have come to realize that you have turned this art show into a commercial event many dimensions removed from what the painters could and would have shown us. There is in fact about as much mystery to the poor pictures in this setting as to fashion models on a runway. – I’ll come and see your collection when the show is over. In the meantime, I had the great pleasure of going to the Mellon Gallery in Washington, DC. Ah!

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