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A short phrasebook for secretarial business correspondence has been published in my name. I was somewhat surprised when it was brought to my attention. I’m pretty sure it extracts the key phrases from a large collection of letters I wrote about 12 years ago, edited down by the publisher a few years back to bring out the ‘essence’ of each letter. I’m grateful for the additional publication, but frankly, my input here was limited.

The slim phrasebook is a “Prämie”, or bonus, offered online to attract customers, with a “Schutzgebühr”, or nominal or token fee,  listed on the cover. It’s also on offer on online marketplaces for €14,95, but would anyone really pay that much in this day and age?

I do find looking up complete phrases to be very helpful. I needed some formal French correspondence phrases yesterday to write to a gallery, and found the right phrases online. Sometimes it’s a special grammar form you need, and more involved phrases such as the ones in the 16-page booklet are more liable to include such extras.  So here’s wishing you a bit of serendipity – incidental, fortunate, unexpected discoveries – as you go through business correspondence phrases!

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  1. Thanks Alex. I’m trying to be very civilized about it. I do spot a few more grey hairs in the mirror this morning.
    I dimly remember being asked whether extracts would be ok. If I knew I was losing royalties I’d put up a stink, but this publisher buys the rights to whatever you write. I was a newbie. I’m not truly savvy but am happy to enjoy royalties and VG Wort on my newer stuff.
    I trust that my *real* book will have a bit more staying power than this one. You probably saw that I’ve posted a link to a pdf – no notification to me means share and share alike ;P

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