Thanks to Flula Borg for deconstructing idioms and also for getting right in there with prejudices against Germans – and just dealing with them. I really like Flula being playful and silly with My Drunk Kitchen presenter Hannah Hart.

Interview with an old potato

A few years ago when I was teaching English students at the LMU Munich, my students told me how in a creative writing class, Gill Woodman, head of Sprachpraxis there, had given them a bag of potatoes and told them to select one and imagine its personality, and then write its biography. Such a great […]

Compare and contrast

Thanks Helmut. There’s a personal story that goes with this, as you can well imagine. My first present from my husband was a… Blog challenge! Please join in and add two similar but different pictures to your blog! Brad Patterson had the nice idea after I’d posted this. Looking forward to seeing your pictures. The […]

Proverbs by first-graders

First-graders were asked to complete well-known proverbs. This is what they came up with. (Thank you, Joan, for the giggles.) Don’t change horses… until they stop running. Strike while the… bug is close. It’s always darkest before… Daylight Saving Time. Never underestimate the power of… termites. You can lead a horse to water but… how? […]

Hello Kitty arrested

What’s going on here? Where is this scene taking place? What time of day is it? Who’s being arrested? How much do you know about ‘her’? What else do you imagine about ‘her’? What do you think ‘she’s’ being arrested for? What exactly do you think happened? How? Why? What could the officers be thinking? […]

Uwe Lena: Schland u Schland

Und diese Woche lernen wir eben kein Englisch 🙂 The Island Weekly is on strike.  Great links for strikebreakers on Sue’s blog. May the best team win! PS: Ok, ok, Schland u Schland story in English for my English-speaking friends: Student prank becomes football’s new favorite hymn lied der woche 🙂 wir lernen eben kein […]

Second graders

Joan sent me a presentation with quotes from German second graders. Most of them are mondegreens that won’t work in English, but I’ve translated some of the others into English for fun: Garden gnomes have red hats so they don’t get mowed down. Men can’t get married to men because then who would wear the […]