Signs: On communication

A simple short film about communication. About the transition from writing to speaking and from virtual to face to face. Created by Publicis Mojo and @RadicalMedia. Director: Patrick Hughes, A Cannes Lyons winner. Found through B. Schmidt-Hurtienne,

The power of Mr. W.

Happy birthday to my big, wild, fabulous brother 🙂 Winner of the Lion d’Or at Cannes in 2007. Found through Tim Rylands on

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I’ve been away from the US for so long that I’ve got a few blind spots regarding US popular culture. But I’m working on it! One of the things I truly regret missing are some of the better TV series, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (March 1997 until May 2003). Just the snippets of teen […]

The Dragons’ Den: Understanding meetings

Want to understand what is going on in meetings? Watch the Dragon’s Den, that reality show in which young entrepreneurs present their business ideas to experienced investors hoping to convince them to invest their own money. Both the Canadian and the British series contain real jewels. Last year I wrote here about the Patil children […]

Pink elephants

Dumbo (Disney 1941) drinks from a water barrel filled with champagne by mistake and starts seeing pink elephants on parade. Pink elephants? The Veuve Clicquot must have been exceedingly good that year. A certain lady who really likes that particular kind of champagne is celebrating her birthday today … so happy birthday, dear Dolcevita! Truly […]

The tilt-shift harbor

Tilt–shift photography makes life-sized locations or subjects look like miniature-scale models. The ultra-short depth of field tricks the eye into thinking that the shot was taken with a macro lens, or close-up filters. Here is a video by Keith Loutit using tilt shift shot in time lapse that makes a busy harbor look like a […]

Anne in Wonderland

You simply must see the great Disney exhibition at Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung in Munich, which traces the European images that inspired the look of Disney’s films. I had some surprising insights. And the gauches, pastels, oils and paintings on celluloid produced in the Disney Studios are just delightful. (Exhibition through 25 January 2009.) As I […]