Of cats, moons and water

Another beautiful animated film discovered by Belli. Pedro Serrazina won three prizes for Estoria do gato e de lua, which he made in 1994 (5:24). Animation: Yann Thual. Music: Manuel Tentugal. Narrator: Joaquim de Almeida. My only criticism: Cats may be fascinated by water, but they don’t swim at all! How does the cat survive that lunge […]

The animator

Belli recommended this charming stop motion animation short film by Nick Hilligoss retelling the biblical story of the Garden of Eden, with God as a puppeteer. (2007, 3:42 min.)

It’s love, boys

Happy news deserves a serenade. R & J are getting married. So I’m celebrating with Carmen Borgia and his ukelele (3:25). marriage=love²: it’s love to the power of two when it’s based on true love, love squared when it’s not. You don’t get my love² nonsense? Sorry. Here’s a guide to reading exponents: