Electronic election machine nightmare

This leaked clip from an upcoming episode of The Simpsons features Homer Simpson attempting to cast a vote for presidential candidate Barack Obama using an electronic machine. After switching his vote repeatedly to Republican nominee John McCain, the machine devours Homer. Executive producer Al Jean told reporters in late September that the episode wasn’t an endorsement for the Democratic nominee, but rather a satirical comment on irregularities in the U.S. voting system. The snippet comes from the series’ annual Halloween special, “Treehouse of Horrors,” slated to air Nov. 2 — just two days before the 2008 presidential election. (From: Underwire)

Goodbye, red marble

I hear NASA has found water on Mars (BBC).”This is the first time Martian water has been touched and tasted,” says William Boynton, mission scientist. That’s progress: Pretty marbles become habitats. Are we really gearing up to go to Mars?
When my dad was a boy in the 1920s, children still thought the moon was made of green cheese, like in the Wallace and Gromit film, “A great day out”.  And it’s nice to know Surveyor works, not like some of Wallace’s  inventions: Continue reading Goodbye, red marble


wall-e700 years into the future, mankind has left Earth to live in outer space. But before leaving we built and left behind a robot to clean up after us. WALL-E stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earthglass, as the advertisement by the (fictional) Buy-n-Large Corporation, the producer of the handy robot, explains. “So sit back, relax and enjoy the stars. When you return, Earth will be waiting – even better than when you left it.”
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Animating girls

Two very different scenes – street theater and pixels – and yet somehow they are mirror worlds inhabited by the same kinds of dreams. We love puppets of all kinds, don’t we, especially those who seem to really come alive when we pull the strings. Who’s controlling whom? A little creepy (unheimlich) and wierd – but magical wonders. Come see the amazing little girl giant and her virtual cousin. Continue reading Animating girls

Flying with the Penguins

“Last winter, I found a penguin,” explains the storyteller. He says that the penguin knew how to fly until “he met some other birds. They said, ‘Penguins can’t fly.’ And he thought, ‘They’re right.’ That’s when he crashed.” Lots of coaching follows, but the penguin just can’t do it. Then, incredibly, he sees a flock of flying penguins (!) and without thinking about it, just goes ahead. “Suddenly, my penguin stretched out his wings, pushed off, and joined them in the air. He flew pretty well… for a penguin.” – Sebastian Meschenmoser, Fliegen Lernen (German 2005, English 2006) Continue reading Flying with the Penguins